Calling all young drivers and passengers! Sticking to the rules of the road can keep you and your mates safe, keep those insurance premiums down and keep you out of trouble!

Addictive and frustrating all at the same time, can you complete all 6 scenarios and keep yourself safe on the roads? Whether you are a driver or a passenger, knowing how to make the roads safer for you and your mates can be as simple as getting your head around a few simple facts. Each time your game comes to an end - look out for a gem of a tip to make sure you stay safe, and also out of trouble.

The Green Light Safety app from the Safer Roads Partnership in Warwickshire and West Mercia is designed to encourage young drivers and passengers to learn about the issues affecting road safety, and tests your knowledge following the Green Light Safety workshop.

The Green Light Safety app fits in with the partnership's mission of reducing casualties and collisions on the road, particularly among young drivers and passengers who are over represented in collision statistics.



Six scenario images you may face in the game, click on the images for hints and facts!